Need a professional asbestos removal intervention ?
Abestos removal work
Our asbestos removal work is organized and carried out with the greatest care. To provide you with optimal service, our teams of highly qualified specialists follow a carefully developed protocol. Our objective : to meet all the standards in force for the safety of people and the protection of the environment.

To do this, we have all the human and technical resources to carry out the missions entrusted to us, from the preliminary visit through to site withdrawal. In addition, our work in the field is actively supplemented by the work provided by our design office, responsible for regulatory monitoring and for devising ever more innovative and safe asbestos removal solutions.

Anxious to simplify the management of this type of site for our customers, we take care of a large part of the administrative procedures of the project. Once the authorizations have been obtained, we carry out the asbestos removal operation regardless of the location of the ACM. The skills of our team of rope access technicians means they can work at height and in difficult access areas.
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Our company also offers exterior thermal insulation work (ETI) and the installation of efficient thermal and acoustic joinery. One way of offering you a comprehensive offering in terms of environmental protection.

Always in search of excellence, we have obtained RGE certification to guarantee you high quality work. This label entitles us to :

  • carry out thermal and acoustic studies
  • advise on the most suitable renovation solution for your situation
  • carry out insulation work (new or renovated).

Our customers are therefore assured of vstrict compliance with the specifications by our company, both in terms of the choice of materials and the quality of their installation. We comply with standards NF X50-091 and NF EN ISO / CEI 17065.

And for ever better performance and quality, we only use materials certified ACERMI and ACOTHERM and bearing the NF mark.
Lead removal
The removal of lead from sites presents the same requirements as other decontamination work. Our teams therefore show the same rigor in treating all surfaces (walls, roofs, metal beams, industrial equipment, etc.) contaminated by this heavy and toxic metal.

All the steps are thus respected :

  • administrative procedures (hazardous waste tracking slips , detection report, drafting of the withdrawal plan)
  • site demarcation and security
  • operator equipment
  • withdrawal operations by authorized specialists, with equipment complying with the standards in force
  • storage, transportation and deposit at an approved center.

And for maximum efficiency, we use innovative technology, combining cryogenics with sandblasting, known as "cryogommage".
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Following on from our decontamination work, ASBESTOP teams can also carry out cleaning work before demolition or rehabilitation.

We therefore carry out the removal of non-construction elements, finishings and fittings, on all types of sites :

  • inside (removal of false ceilings, partitions, bulky walls, etc.)
  • on administrative, commercial, industrial, agricultural buildings, etc.

Our operators are, of course, able to carry out both green cleaning and red cleaning. These services are carried out with the same requirements in terms of human safety and environmental responsibility.
ASBESTOP handles transportation of all waste collected. So our experts handled :

  • packaging
  • loading
  • transportation
  • deposit at approved storage, treatment, landfill or destruction centers.

We therefore have many methods of transporting these materials safely : Big Bags, containers, 9 and 20 m³ vans, 32 T skip container trucks with crane arm.

In a concern for the environment, we also pay particular attention to tracking waste. We therefore collaborate with reliable partners involved in quality waste treatment.
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