Need a professional asbestos removal intervention ?
The Company
ASBESTOP : company handling the removal of asbestos, the removal of lead, cleaning and insulation throughout U.S

Specialized in asbestos removal for more than 15 years, ASBESTOP/France Environnement has acquired other skills and know-how to offer its customers a variety of depollution services: lead removal and cleaning. In addition, ever more committed to protecting people and the environment, the company has decided to develop a new division dedicated to high performance insulation.

Based in New-York, ASBESTOP has all the necessary equipment to work with its teams throughout US. It has also completed a number of projects across US. Feel free to read about these projects in the "Our references" section.

Why choose ASBESTOP ?

If you are looking for a solution for your decontamination problem or your insulation project, with management from A to Z, you can count on ASBESTOP. Our experience, our responsiveness and our values will convince you.

Our teams
  • We offer you a turnkey operation (all inclusive).
  • Our teams are made up of highly qualified and experienced specialists ; they guarantee you an optimal service in the environmental sector.
  • Our team members are not just trained in the risks associated with hazardous materials ; they are also trained in the following areas : scaffolding, electricity, plumbing and the use of suspended working platforms.
France Environnement
France Environnement
Our values
  • Quality, safety and discipline are our main values to ensure that our work is carried out successfully and with full compliance with procedures, which means we are able to protect our employees, local staff and/or public, not forgetting the environment.
  • Respect for these values is guaranteed by :

    ⤷ Nos qualifications : Certification Afnor (FRANCE) / License Department of Labor (NY/USA).

    ⤷ Our human resources : Our teams are made up of a design office with 10 people and 50 operators on the ground on average, with capacity that we can double without any difficulty.

    ⤷ Our material resources :
    🗹 We own our equipment (pressure reducers, airlocks, scaffolding, generators, electrical panels, etc.) for which we provide periodic maintenance.
    🗹 We have a fixed installation at the Group's headquarters which allows us to maintain our fleet.
    🗹 Our fleet of vehicles is made up of around twenty units (HGV, 20 m³, Vans, Berlingo vans, etc.).

    ⤷ Our partners : The SITA group in particular, a subsidiary of Suez Environnement, for the treatment of hazardous waste, but also other suppliers that we select for their eco-responsible approach.

Our commitments
  • We offer our clients a "turnkey" operation, our goal being to relieve them of the stress potentially generated by the management of this type of project(s). We therefore handle all activities, from design to construction, through to the delivery of the sites.
  • Our studies are based on prior visits, of course, but not only these, since we systematically ask for reports before work or before demolition which must be given to us by the principal.
  • The combination of all these factors means we are able to submit genuine Technical and Financial Offers with no nasty surprises, because we don't apply the unpleasant "policy" of adding on different types of work.